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Hello! Call me Dango. I loved anime, manga and Japan ever since i was 8. That a little something about. just ask me. i don't bite. enjoy!

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I can already feel the stress and tears that school is going to bring


reblog if school hasnt even started yet but its already stressing you out


gonna choose the follower im gonna draw later for follower friday! :)

gonna do it after school tho meheh


Oh my goodness! My dA crush is going to draw one of his followers woo hoo! If you guys are following you can win a chance! Please be me haha 😄😃❤


Kevin Woo ❤😘

a flood of miracles wouldn’t be enough…

a flood of miracles wouldn’t be enough…



Studio Ghibli | 1985 - 2014

After recent rumors of Studio Ghibli closing their animation department and the low box office numbers for When Marnie Was There, it was time to make an appreciation post for a company that has created true movie magic again and again. So, thank you, Studio Ghibli. Hopefully it isn’t good-bye just yet. Studio Ghibli is no longer producing animated films. So here’s to you, Ghibli, and everything you’ve given us.

I feel like I’m gonna cry.

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Kevin singing With You by Chris Brown



Ulzzang Throwback Tuesday: Sunchun Hour